What is the future of our beloved chocolate?

May 19, 2016 by Ruvarashe Chinyemba

My name is Ruvarashe Chinyemba and I am 24 years old.  At a conference where the top leaders gather to discuss the future of chocolate and cocoa, I gladly represent three groups - millennials, women and Africans. I am ready to participate and hope to do justice while at it.

Born in Zimbabwe, I left home for Germany in search of a global education. Now a part of Barry Callebaut’s reputable and international Graduate Trainee Program, here I am with this amazing opportunity to have my say at Chocovision 2016.

I am proud to be part of an industry that is mindful of the fact that mIllennials, like me, are entering the workforce en masse. Chocovision is a platform addressing the future. It is this kind of inclusion and involvement that best capitalizes on our energy and ambition. It prepares us to achieve positive change on all levels of the value chain. Moving ahead, I am interested to see how the industry will intensify the engagement of younger generations particularly in matters regarding the future of our industry.

As a young African living abroad, my hope is to engage in ventures where I can make a more direct impact on my continent. Right now, our industry is geared to achieving sustainability in farmer productivity and community development. To support this, the current challenge has been to increase our presence in origin countries. With these developments, my hope is to channel more efforts to include and prepare locals to become drivers of these endeavors. With an emerging young generation aspiring for opportunities beyond the farming level, I believe that it is our task as the industry to stretch our concept of sustainability and absorb this local talent across all levels of our value chain.

Chocovision allows the sharing of different ideas to push for progress in this industry. We need this platform. Let us put our heads together for the future of cocoa and chocolate.

Ruvarashe Chinyemba is our second Barry Callebaut Graduate Trainee contributor! You can also watch her VLOG!
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