Why must we take action NOW?!

May 24, 2016 by Nicole Faessler

Switzerland, the land of serene mountain scenery, known for its farms, banks, watches and of course, chocolates! Coming from a little countryside village, I must admit that I hardly defy the common “Swiss stereotypes”. I studied at a Swiss business school and naturally, interned in the financial services sector for a bit. Of course I received a Swiss watch as a graduation gift two years ago. My current job? Well, predictably, I am a chocolate-loving Swiss working for Barry Callebaut.

Chocolate is the food invented by the gods for humans to enjoy and I must admit, it is absolutely fantastic working for such a great product! Although you may find me usually behind a computer crunching numbers, rethinking the role of cocoa in farmers’ livelihoods is a topic I am equally as passionate about. It was a trip to Brazil that allowed me to understand the importance of cocoa to the livelihoods of farmers and to look first-hand at the chocolate value chain. We face enormous challenges along our value chain and I believe it is past time to come up with solutions on how to sustain the future of our beloved chocolate.

These are the reasons I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited to attend Chocovision! As a millennial and an advocate for a louder, younger voice in the chocolate industry, getting the opportunity to challenge the status quo of our business is a big step. Learning from senior leaders on how they aim at creating true impact and exploring how we millennials can help drive progress, especially at a conference like Chocovision 2016, are some things I look forward to! I strongly believe that bringing all stakeholders together is key in driving sustainable impact. Ultimately, I hope my fellow millennial colleagues and I can add new, fresh perspectives to the debate and elaborate the reasons we should take action now.

Thus my plea – to unite in Davos and embark on a journey to change the game!

Nicole, your millennial choco-advocate from Switzerland! Link to her VLOG

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