Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson

Founder, One Young World
Chocovision 2016

Formerly Global President of Havas Worldwide, Kate founded One Young World in 2009 – the first Summit was held in London in 2010. In 2015 she quit the world of advertising in order to work on one young World full time.

The One Young World Summits bring together young leaders from 196 countries and gives them a voice to affect change among governments & businesses worldwide. Noted humanitarians attending have included Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu, Bob Geldof, Bill Clinton and Professor Muhammad Yunus; leading CEO’s who have attended include L’Oreal’s Jean-Paul Agon and Unilever’s Paul Polman. This year in Bangkok One Young World delegates addressed government leaders meeting at COP21 in the CallOnCOP the biggest and only truly global demand made for COP21.

In 2014 Kate was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Lausanne Business School and holds Honorary Masters degrees from the University of Creative Arts and from the European Communications School. In 2012 she was named Advertising Industry Icon by Women In Marketing and in 2014 was similarly honoured by Advertising Week Europe.



The ‚disjunction‘: Incumbent leaders are not delivering the changes ‚Millennials‘ want to see. Do they matter: the most informed and best educated generation in human history; capable of action; vulnerable to leadership. Do we (in government and in business) matter to them: infrastructure; influence; power; money! Vision: the ‚generations‘ can be brought together; can work together; achieve together; to the advancement of people. There is proof. Looking down the barrel of a gun: the money gun. The most powerful weapon at our disposal – it can be the source of all good as opposed to „love of money“ as „the root of all evil“. Beyond the numbers: Make them matter. A call to our better selves.