Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof

Singer, Songwriter and Political Activist
Chocovision 2012

Keynote Speaker

Entrepreneurial businessman, global leader, activist and musician.

Sir Bob Geldof started his work in Africa with the Band Aid single in 1984 and the subsequent Live Aid Concerts in 1985 which represented the ‘charity’ aspect of overcoming the immediate problems of 35 million people starving from the drought and famine in Ethiopia. He progressed these efforts to identify the causes or African poverty by starting the Commission For Africa with Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and fourteen other highly qualified people.

Sir Bob, and the Band Aid team, started their second mission for Africa - the ‘Justice’ leg, by creating the Live 8 concerts. The concerts were free to attend but the aim was to create the most massive data lobby the world has ever seen through the use of the internet and text messaging and through the support created the data used to put pressure on the 8 world leaders at the G8 to implement changes to African policies. Through his work and leadership, eight major governments listened and agreed to debt cancellation for 38 African countries, increase aid by 2010, AIDS drugs for those who need them, malaria protection, polio vaccinations. Already more than 42 million children have gone to school in Africa for the first time as a result of these efforts.

Currently Sir Bob is working on the third and final leg of the tripod of support for Africa which is Economic Development. He has launched the 8 Mile equity fund which has recently achieved its final close at USD 500,000,000 and is now investing in African sustainable business development.