First: Just as the industrial revolution did one and a half centuries ago, the digital revolution is reshaping the way we live, work and interact with each other. Breakthrough technologies are creating entirely new ways of serving needs and of resolving some of the big developmental and sustainability challenges, but are also disrupting value chains. The pace of change is fast, the possibilities are far-reaching, and the potential is huge. How can we embrace it?

Second: Chocolate brings joy to people. Yet the majority of cocoa farmers in West Africa, the world’s largest cocoa growing region, live in extreme poverty. Our environment is seriously under stress. Are poverty and climate interconnected? How can we improve farmer livelihoods at one end of the value chain while addressing the health, nutritional and ethical needs of consumers at the other end in order to create a sustainable chocolate future?

Third: Business is committed to playing a leading role in building a sustainable future. How does business contribute to solving today’s major social and environmental challenges, instead of only focusing on the bottom line? Why does this also make good business sense? How can business be a strong and effective change agent, help implement the SDG agenda and accelerate the change we want? What do young leaders expect from senior leaders?

Change for the positive will only happen if we openly and honestly address the challenges and opportunities our industry is faced with, rather than beating around the bush.

Thus the motto: TO THE POINT.