As a leading global cocoa trading house, Sucden Cocoa sources cocoa beans and products from all major producing origins, including Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic while our global platform provides capacity to source from other origins. Sucden has a global sales footprint, supplying cocoa beans and products to the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers and processors. Sucden originates approximately 580,000 tons of cocoa bean equivalents annually.
Achieving sustainable cocoa is a conviction as well as an imperative for Sucden Cocoa. Success in this endeavor is vital for its business and its clients, but also for the countries that produce cocoa and the future of millions of farmers who rely on the crop for their livelihoods. Sucden’s aim is to supply the chocolate and cocoa processing industries with cocoa that helps farming families and communities, their countries and the planet prosper.

Within Sucden Cocoa's direct supply chain, working through organized farmer groups, we are able to reach cocoa farming households and assist them to diversify household incomes, remediate child labor if identified, assist children to attend school, and empower women. To enhance its efforts to improve labor practices on cocoa farms, Sucden joined the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) in November 2019 as a contributing partner. Our efforts to address the issue of deforestation have been enhanced by our membership in the Cocoa & Forests Initiative.

Sucden Cocoa understands that there is no single solution to the complex and interconnected economic, social and environmental challenges facing the cocoa sector. That’s why we are relentlessly looking for innovative approaches and customizing our sourcing programs to suit local needs. Our approach is strengthened by close relationships with producing country authorities, farmers, expert organizations and industry groups. We form partnerships to speed improvements. We believe success will only come by working together and increasing the awareness of our business partners of the need to change the operational status quo.  

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