The Team

The exceptional team behind Chocovision 2016 is comprised of dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our business leaders, partners, advisors, volunteers and contributors collaborate and work tireless in the spirit of making the desired positive impact in the chocolate and cocoa industry with Chocovision 2016.

Conference Team
Gaby Tschofen
Christine Ammann
Taryn Ridley

Content, Digital and Media Team
Raphael Wermuth
Ashraff Arshad
Bjoern Emde
Jens Rupp
Nor Badron
Paul Coia
Rahel Zickler
Sergi Briet

Guest Bloggers and Contributors
Alessandra Bordin
Angus Kennedy
Cornelia Schmid
Cornelia Sibold
Franklin Franco
Gabriela Weiss
Jacqueline Rosch
Ji Shuang
Louis Lagoutte
Marika Schilter
Nicole Faessler
​Ruvarashee Chinyemba
Sonia Carey

Tech Team
Bart Pac
Koen Steenhout
Steven De Bruyn